Kick-Off Workshop

This workshop was co-located with the Modellierung Conference in Vienna, March 14, 2014. The participants pooled their knowledge to create the first, preliminary version of the Model Index. The results are summarized at a DTU technical report.

Poster at MODELS

We present a poster at MODELS in Valence, September 28th to October 4th, 2014. It disseminates the results from the first FMI workshop and calls for more contributions, in particular model and repository sightings. It also marks the official FMI web site launch. Click to get the full sized poster, or read the accompanying abstract.


Model Spotting Workshop

We plan to hold another FMI workshop at Florence in 2015, co-located with ICSE. This workshop will be dedicated to colecting model sightings, and discuss the model classification criteria so model sightings can be reported and stored in a universal format.