It is broadly accepted that collections of example data ("Corpora") are an important driver for the progress of a scientific discipline. Model-based software development (MBSE) is no exception. For example, the quality of the used data strongly affects the reliability when new modelling techniques (e.g. approaches for model transformation, clone detection, or model-querying) are evaluated. Further, a comparison of competing approaches requires the application to comparable models. Therefore, a commonly accessible set of models will improve research.

However, it seems that - despite the prominence of model repositories among researchers - it only seldom succeeds to publish and reuse real industrial models. The FMI 2014 workshop aims at investigating reasons and exploring solutions for this situation. Following questions are addressed:

  • Is there an actual need for models within the research community? If so, what types and formats are required?
  • What extensions to existing model repositories (REMODD or Göteborg) are required?
  • How can companies and practitioners be motivated to publish model? Which incentives are effective and practicable?
  • What technical and legal obstacles have to be considered? What is necessary to overcome these obstacles (e.g. using obfuscation)?
  • What context information is required to enable effective use of models?

We hope and expect that the discussions during the workshop will raise additional questions. The declared goal of the workshop is to provide a platform for exchanging experiences and initiation of cooperation.