Call For Contributions

Data repositories ("corpora") are essential for the comparability and repeatability of experimental and empirical research in many scientific disciplines. Model-based software engineering should not be an exception to this rule. However, existing repositories for gathering models are quite restricted with respect to their size, their focus, and the quality of the available models. This half-day workshop wants to bring together people interested in models and their accessibility both from academia and industry. Starting from position papers, we want to discuss the requirements for establishing broadly accessible model repositories and we want to foster the exchange of experiences on building and analysing reusable, archiveable models.

We solicit position papers of up to three pages which can stimulate the discussion on establishing model repositories. Possible topics for the position papers are:

  • What are the experiences with gathering models in academia and industry?
  • What is the actual demand for models, which kinds and formats are needed for which purpose?
  • Which extensions or improvements of existing model repositories (size, quality, focus, ...) are most urgent?
  • What are effective incentives for making models publically available in a model repository?
  • Which legal or technical obstacles to publishing models do exist, how can these obstacles be removed?
  • What can a technical infrastructure for archiving models look like? Which context information has to be stored?

The position papers shall be sent to by 01 January, 2014